Continuing Education to Support Improved Physical Therapy Services for Children and Families

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Upcoming Courses

Inclusion Done Right! Free Conference – Friday, October 20th, 2023! Charles B. Wang Center Theater, Stony Brook University

Journal Clubs

Collaborative and learner-driven. Four separate articles/sessions with 1-2 months in between each session. Includes a required pre-session worksheet and the 1-hour journal club discussion for each article.

8 CEUs

Outcome Measures for Your Practice

Site and learner specific learning activities to optimize use of outcome measures to better inform clinical decision making. Includes ongoing collaborative consultation and support for course participants over a 3-month implementation process. Email for more details

Consultation for Educators

Work individually in a 1:1 collaboration and/ or engage with a community of practice- 4-6 individuals- to improve teaching and student learning, increase impact of learning activities, and optimize successful course development.

Journal Club for Academic Educators

What Course Participants Are Saying.

Group Discussion

“I enjoyed it, especially the cases/open ended portions and discussions that we had. I enjoy gait and always love getting into more detail/reviewing things.”

Building Community

“I like to hear how my colleagues felt about the articles because sometimes I feel isolated.  I like the worksheet questions because they help to guide me in how to look at the articles.”

Real Life Application

“I enjoyed how this journal club session had a variety of article topics. I think this facilitated increased discussion and allowed us to apply to more situations in the clinic.”

Relevant and Engaging

“The content is relevant and the discussions are informative and engage everyone.  The conversations are thought provoking.”

“This course was a very helpful review of pediatric gait, especially a great review of tests and measures that I will begin to implement more often at evaluation and when updating POCs…”

Facilitated Learning

“I enjoy the availability of the literature and the time to discuss it with colleagues.  Guided discussions with Joe also help me to improve my ability to interpret the literature more effectively.”

“I am more prepared to answer parent questions about gait and to make determinations if the gait of the child is within normal limits for their age”

Joe Schreiber has over 35 years of experience as a physical therapist, including over 25 years in providing high quality and innovative learning opportunities for physical therapists at the novice, intermediate, and expert levels.

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