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  • Re-Thinking Goals

    My goal for this blog post is to get you to think about goals in different ways and as essential components of your clinical and educational practice. Since I have […] Read more

  • Confronting Ableism in our PT Practice

    These are two phrases I hadn’t though very much about until reading a recent article by Schwab and Silva.1 I am now thinking about them a lot more, and specifically […] Read more

  • Master Adaptive Learners- Content Versus Process?

    This month I wanted to elaborate a bit on the “Master Adaptive Learners” (MAL) concept1,2,3 and the related challenge around finding a balance between supporting students in becoming MAL and […] Read more

  • Master Adaptive Learners

    Several recent events (aligning stars?) have me thinking about this “Master Adaptive Learners” (MAL) concept1,2,3 and how this is so closely intertwined with PT Learning For Practice LLC. I mentioned […] Read more

  • Human Development and Implications for Clinical Practice

    Human Development and Implications for Clinical Practice Recently, I had the privilege of participating in the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Education Summit III. The over-arching goal of this Summit […] Read more

  • Learning

    Learning about the Social Determinants of Health so that we can improve clinical practice. Lifelong learning is a foundational element of professionalism. I would argue that it is also a […] Read more

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