Core Values

Learner-centered education for better physical therapy practices.
Provide learner-centered professional development and continuing education (CE) courses that lead to and sustain knowledge translation and practice improvement.

  • Best evidence and best practices for teaching and learning
  • Collaboration with learners to identify goals and apply new knowledge and skills to practice
  • Knowledge translation principles integrated into all courses

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in all practices.
Integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into all company practices and learning opportunities.

  • Identify and implement best Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices; regular review with outside consultant
  • Scholarships and course fee reduction for students and early career professionals and other individuals who self-identify with a need for financial support
  • Learning opportunities that meet unique needs of diverse learners

Climate conscious.
Integrate climate crisis considerations into all company practices.

  • Minimize/ avoid travel, and especially air travel, and instead select climate friendly travel options
  • Optimize use of technology and low climate impact communication strategies as a component of all company practices

Community oriented and revenue sharing.
Revenue will only be used to cover costs and salary – remaining revenue will be donated to charities committed to helping children and families.

  • If I am fortunate enough to cover expenses and my annual salary, any additional revenue will be used to further this positive impact goal as effectively as possible. 

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